The Bears moved swiftly to replace fired head coach Lovie Smith on Monday, quickly signing Smovie Lith to a 17-year deal. Lith, who has no previous NFL head coaching experience, outlined his philosophies in a Bears news conference. Some highlights:

“My predecessor liked to waste timeouts, and that is where I differ immensely. I don’t plan on calling any timeouts. Zero. Players perform at their best under pressure, and running a frantic two-minute offense the entire game will work to our advantage.”

On beating the Packers:

“We only play the Packers twice a year, so who cares? 14-2 sounds pretty good to me … as long as we don’t see them in the playoffs.”

On Devin Hester:

“They tell me he is a number one receiver, but I’ll have to look at the film. He is probably better than that.”

On the importance of tight ends:

“I couldn’t agree more. We can’t have any loose ends out there.”

On the rigors of a 16-game season:

“I like to break up the season into 64ths. I will hold a press conference at the end of each quarter of each game and assess the team. I imagine after 1/64th of the 2013 season, we will be in great shape and on our way to the Super Bowl.”