The Cubs announced today that the 2012 team would be honored with a commemorative pin next season. The club, which finished the season with 61 wins, will be honored for surpassing the obligatory 50 wins by some 11 games.

Cubs president Theo Epstein explained the decision by saying, “Well, you know the old saying, you win 50 and you lose 50, and it’s the other games that make a season. We figured that the team outdid itself by attaining 61 victories and should be honored.” He also added, “Look, we’ve honored all the other Cub teams who almost did something worthwhile, like the ’84 and ’89 teams which inexplicably had days and pins honoring them, and Jesus, the whole adoration of that ’69 team is baffling, so we figured a team who actually passed a goal should be honored too.”

It was reported that the team is also preparing a Gary Scott Day, honoring the early ’90s player who, was almost the third baseman of the future.”

John F