The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team travels to a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings in South Bend, Indiana this weekend to once again put its undefeated season on the line against absolutely nobody. With everything riding on this last effort, Coach Brian Kelly discussed the importance of this event.

“After our stunning victories against Purdue and Pitt, I never thought we could continue to beat nobody,” said Kelly. “But this week, I hope we can prove all the doubters wrong.”

Players seem to be quite hyped for the event–having gone for weeks preparing to play absolutely nobody. But Kelly is wary of the dangers involved with potential letdowns.

“I’ve been working these guys hard,” he said. “Manti Te’o isn’t only a Heisman candidate. He’s a destroyer of Asian zing boneless wings. I have to make sure he’s properly hydrated for what may be the biggest challenge he’s had all season.”

Should Notre Dame survive this weekend, the Irish will play the winner of the SEC Championship. Which has also been renamed “The BCS Championship Game.”

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