In punishing Gregg Popovich for making a coaching decision, NBA Commissioner David Stern has proven he is the second worst commissioner in major American sports. This is after Stern had already, through actions, told the New Orleans Hornets that he wanted them to die as a franchise when he blocked a trade in which Chris Paul would go to the LA Lakers in exchange for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.

Stern blocked the trade, which would have helped both teams, and instead made the Hornets ship Paul off to the Clippers for basically nothing, making New Orleans one of the least competitive teams in the NBA.

Stern has also made some other interesting decisions recently, such as fining Popovich for using the wrong brand of toothpaste.

“You have to use Colgate, it’s the best, and if you don’t you can get out of my league,” said Stern.

He has also instituted the “Griffin Dunk Scale,” requiring a player to score above a 50% on a given dunk or he is fined $10,000.

These decisions have led some to look for a link between infamously incompetent NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Stern.

“When I heard about the decision he [Stern] made to fine us, I thought, there has to be a connection here,” said Popovich in an interview Friday.

After some digging, it’s been confirmed that Bettman and Stern are indeed long-lost twins.

“We always wondered what happened to little Davey. Finally their mother can be at peace,” said their father, Bud Selig.