Mild-mannered Canadian and corny Chicago Bulls color man Bill Wennington was arrested Wednesday on charges of assault with a pumpkin pie. The incident occurred when a young trick-or-treater rang Wennington’s doorbell in search of candy. The youngster was instead greeted unexpectedly with a warm pumpkin pie to the face.

“A really tall man answered the door in a Bulls jersey and said Noah was gonna throw one down on LeBron,” explained little Billy Henderson in his LeBron James Halloween costume. “Then he threw it in my face and yelled ‘Pumpkin Pie In Your Eye!’ It scared me at first but then tasted pretty good.”

The charges were later dropped after Wennington issued an apology. He admitted he may have taken the “trick” a little too far.

“Everyone knows how hyped up I get for the Bulls, food and especially pumpkin pie,” said Wennington. “I’ll just try to use that expression more metaphorically in the future.”

Heckler Brian