In the moments after the Bears’ 41-21 victory over the Indianapolis Colts, Deerfield resident and lifelong Bears fan Bob Benson almost kept the win in perspective.

“For a few minutes, I was just kind of happy the offense looked good,” he said. “I wasn’t getting too hyped. But then my buddy called totally freaking out, and I realized this team is obviously going all the way. Undefeated, probably! I knew I had to reserve a hotel block in New Orleans right away.”

Benson has also begun the process of draining his 401k to pay for 10 tickets to the Super Bowl, as he wants his entire family to experience this historic moment with him.

“I mean how often do you get to see your team win the big game?” he asked. “Plus Green Bay lost, and they were really the only thing standing in our way. It’s on!”

Heckler George