Women scantily clad in thongs, booty shorts and push-up bras playing in the Lingerie Football League suffer an equal number of concussions as gridiron players, NFL officials said.

Citing a report shared by the LFL, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell said half-naked women running around chasing one another on a football field is just as dangerous as any other sport, if not more.

“If I had cleavage and side-boob bouncing in my face on a football field, I’d certainly fall down and hurt myself,” Goodell said. “The risk of injury due to indecency in the NFL is nil.”

Goodell noted that scientists who studied the brain of deceased LFL player Sherry McElroy recently confirmed that McElroy’s death was a result of an on-field concussion.

McElroy, who played for the LFL’s Las Vegas Sin, died at age 23 following a 2011 game in which she was carted off the field after she was found unconscious at the bottom of a fleshpile of T&A.

“It was a beautiful thing turned ugly,” Goodell said. “In fact, I was at that very game when it happened. I couldn’t look away.”

The LFL refused to comment on the report, but did confirm that concussions do occur during games, most often when players with silicone breast implants are celebrating on field following a score.