In an interview following the first Angelo-free draft in a decade, new Bears GM Phil Emery revealed to WSCR’s Zach Zaidman that he’s been pleased with how everything has gone since joining the team; but is confused by one thing.

“It seems like a lot of fans and writers are upset with me for not drafting any offensive linemen this year,” said Emery. “Now, I’m new here, but aren’t these the same fans who said Cutler quit two years ago? The same Soldier Field faithful who scream and yell whenever Jay tries to call a play on Sundays? I mean … if fans like their QB and want him upright, why would they not keep quiet? I just didn’t want to use a draft pick on a player who will likely never hear his blocking assignment.”

Emery went on to say that if the fans are quiet during offensive possessions in September, he’ll think about getting them a professional left tackle for Christmas, but that “we’re not cutting J’Marcus Webb. He makes his own delicious barbecue sauce, and my kids love it.”