With the 2012 NFL draft fast approaching, most general managers attempt to finalize their list of players to pursue. However, new Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery has an added challenge: figuring out what to do with former GM Jerry Angelo. As a way to protest his end of season firing, Angelo has set up a tent outside Halas Hall for, what he calls, “Occupy Halas Hall.”

“One percent of the general managers draft 99% of the players out of Abilene Christian,” said Angelo. “Who else will take a chance on these guys? Someone needs to give players from small colleges or with a history of injuries a chance. I have to get back in there.”

Emery was understandably worried.

“I think he really might stay for the draft,” he said. “I don’t know what we’re going to do. What if we decide to trade up in the draft and he sabotages that again? Or if we try and draft a healthy player from a major program. This could get very ugly.”

According to sources, the police have been notified. In the event that Angelo refuses to leave peacefully, it is reported that a SWAT team will be deployed to use any and all means necessary to subdue him. According to the anonymous source, “We have to do anything and everything to ensure that we quit losing to the Packers.”