Yesterday afternoon during a press conference, Jake Peavy injured himself once again, and this time he’s headed to the IR after his jaw fell off when he went over his 75-word limit.

Peavy was rattling off his usual optimistic banter during the press conference when pitching coach Don Cooper ran into the room and demanded that Peavy stop talking. Instead, Peavy kept going.

“I feel right as rain, coach, leave me in!” he said, moments before his jaw ripped from the sockets.

Cooper simply walked away, disgusted.

“I told him’s, youz betta take care a yourself you mamaluke,” said Cooper. “But no’s he hasta go ova 75 words, his jaw’s can’t take dat!”

Peavy quickly returned to the press conference with his jaw half-sewn back on and held up a sign that read: ‘I’ll be back soon ya’ll. Throwing 96 and mowing them down!” He then tripped and landed on his surgically repaired elbow upon leaving the podium.

Brew Dreesus