Despite suffering its team’s fourth- straight defeat a mediocre opponent and dropping to 7-7 on the year, Bears coach Lovie Smith said he remains optimistic about the Bears’ championship odds after a 38-14 loss to the Seahawks Sunday.

“I still like our Super Bowl chances, and there is no reason not to have confidence in quarterback situation,” said Smith as he addressed the media after the loss. “Caleb [Hanie] will not be in a situation where he can throw 12 interceptions in a game, we just won’t let that happen again.”

Lovie also said he will take over control of the offense and look for additional back-up running backs as both Mike Martz and Marion Barber were out after Martz’s murder-suicide. He also shared his plans for the rest of the season with the media to close the press conference.

“Our offense next week will be strictly long-snapping the ball to Hester and letting him run around,” said Smith. “I don’t want to say much about our injury and arrest situations, but I am also optimistic that Hurd, Knox, Forte and Cutler will all return by the end of the season.”

Chicago fans were delighted as the 2012 Super Bowl can now be added to this list of things Lovie Smith is confident and optimistic about along wit a crosstown Chicago World Series in 2012; Tony Sparano keeping his job with the Dolphins; Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasting longer than 72 days; everything working out in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and North Korea; the U.S. economy turning around; survival of dinosaurs; the world ending in 2012; and the Bears Super Bowl chances in 2013.