Bears coach Lovie Smith expressed shock Thursday after WR Sam Hurd’s arrest as a suspected big-time drug dealer. Smith said had no clue Hurd was a drug dealer because he buys his drugs from safety Chris Conte.

“Just like everyone in the organization, I’m in complete disbelief that Sam is a drug dealer,” said Smith. “All this time I’ve been buying my drugs from Chris Conte. Had I known Sam was also dealing, I would have tried to get them into a bidding war so I could get my fix at a better price.”

Smith said he feared losing Hurd will negatively impact things behind the scenes for the Bears.

“Even though I had no idea Sam was dealing drugs, the supply he added to the marketplace definitely drove down prices,” said Smith. “Now that there’s one less drug dealer out there, other drugs dealers like Chris will be able to jack up their prices, and that’s never good for anyone one.”

Hurd was arrested Wednesday night for attempting to purchase a kilo of cocaine and negotiating prices on huge quantities of cocaine and marijuana