For most of Thursday night’s Broncos-Jets game, neither team was able to put together much semblance of an offensive plan. So when the Jets took a 13-10 lead late in the fourth quarter, most fans assumed the Broncos, at best, were hoping for a field goal of their own, then overtime.

Not to, said Broncos QB Tim Tebow.

“A tie was the last thing I wanted to deal with tonight,” he said. “I bought tickets for the midnight showing of ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One’ over two weeks ago. So, a field goal was out of the question. We had to score a touchdown. I hate to lose, but I hate overtime even more. I’d been waiting for this movie to come out for a long time.”

On the Broncos’ last drive of the game, Tebow showed flashes of being able to make it in the NFL. Coach John Fox was impressed.

“We knew he bought those tickets. It was all he talked about the whole week,” said Fox. “We threw out the conservative game plan and went for the six points.

Tebow did not disappoint as he found holes through an all-out Jet blitz and dodged his way from 20 yards out and found the end zone. He almost ran straight out of the stadium to change into street clothes, but Champ Bailey caught him and told him the game wasn’t quite over yet.

Early Friday morning, Tebow was spotted leaving the UA Denver Pavilions 15. He flashed two thumbs up on his way to his car.

“It was awesome I can’t wait for Part Two,” he said. “Winning was pretty cool too.”