The Blackhawks power-play looks inexplicably lost this season. Despite boasting such offensive stars as Patrick Sharp, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews, putting them together has often resulted in nothing but a sleepy game of keep-away.

Coach Quenneville is as befuddled as the fans and media. He finally contacted Dave Toub — the Bears’ special teams coach who has lead his unit to remarkable success over the past several years. Do the two sports share any commonalities? As a Canadian unfamiliar with American football, Coach Q. needed to find out.

“He knew just what I’ve been dealing with,” said Quenneville. “’Get to the goal!’ I’ve been yelling. ‘What’s with all the side-to-side?’ Apparently he has to remind Devin Hester of the same things sometimes.”

“You’ve got limited time and space in this area,” said Toub. “My method to prepare guys for situations like this? Bungee cords. You tie guys to the opposing uprights and let them go. They’ll learn real fast to make some quick decisions.”

Little did Quenneville know he has a Canadian football fan on his own team who is already helping.

“The PK is kinda like defending a kick return,” said Dave Bolland. “Poke it free, jump on it and run the other way.”

By Dan Bradley

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