As the NBA labor dispute drags on, many players are beginning to grow nervous about how they’ll pay for their next luxury car or pair of diamond stud earrings.

“It’s a cruel reality,” said Carmelo Anthony. “Look at what happened with Kris [Humphries]. That guy’s out a major rock … and there’s no way to know when he’ll have the money to get a new one.”

According to a player’s association survey, Bentley replacement ranked atop the list of concerns among current NBA stars, followed by jewelry purchases, wacky financial investments and tattoo upkeep.

Meals ranked 93rd on the list of worries.

“My next meal? Hell, I get free food everywhere I go,” said Anthony. “Plus I’ve got tons of cash. Where I’m really struggling is when I walk into a showroom and I want to plunk down half a mil on a new speedboat. Now I have to think twice.”

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