As the clock wore down on the Lions’ 45-10 drubbing of the Broncos in Denver Sunday, fans began a new chant, this time deriding the QB they had spent the whole season clamoring for.

The chant of “Te-Blow! Te-Blow! Te-Blow!” echoed throughout Sport Authority Field as Tim Tebow concluded the worst performance of his entire life, going 18-for-39 for 172 yards with a TD, an INT and three fumbles. He was sacked seven times.

Denver fans were largely unapologetic for their quick about-face on the young QB.

“We wanted to see what he had and now we know he’s got absolutely nothing,” said Broncos fan Clinton Talsma, wearing a “Tebow is our savior” T-shirt purchased earlier that day. “So it’s on to the next one. Or Orton. He didn’t look so bad in comparison.”