On the heels of Wrigley Field’s overwhelmingly successful October 1 showing of the Chicago classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” the Cubs marketing team has announced 13 more movie nights during actual Cubs home games.

“Sixty-foot screens will be mounted to both the left and right field foul poles and nearly 80% of all seats will be reoriented for better views of the movie,” said Cubs media relations specialist Ken McElroy. “The movies will start in the third inning or if the Cubs are trailing by more than four runs. We feel this will improve our organization by offering something above and beyond .438 baseball.”

On-field seating will again be offered for a hefty $113. But this time movie buffs will be restricted to areas beyond the dugouts in foul territory.

Although not finalized, it is believed the scheduled showings will coincide with games against NL Central foes Milwaukee, Cincinnati and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Movies were also intended for games against St Louis, but the idea was quickly dropped due to protest from nearly 18,000 traveling Cardinals fans.

As news spread to White Sox headquarters, the team quickly scheduled a showing of 1997 film “Orgazmo” on July 8th during a “Family Night” promotion.

Kelley Green