Bears’ No. 1 wide receiver Roy Williams recently was pulled over for driving 112 mph in a suburban Chicago 55 mph zone. The cops let Williams off with only a warning, however, when it was revealed Williams’ driving skills five years ago were halfway decent.

“When we pulled over Roy Williams, he had been swerving, speeding and had run numerous red lights,” said Lake Forest police officer Dwayne Spinelli. “But then Williams showed us some video of him driving safely and under control from 2006 and we determined he was still a good driver. In fact, we arranged for Williams to be the top driving instructor at the DMV.”

Spinelli couldn’t confirm what will become of the current top instructor at the DMV who is being replaced by Williams.

“He will be either fired or demoted,” said Spinelli. “I can’t be sure. But Williams is our guy now.”

This is not the only bit of good luck for Williams that can be tied to the past. He recently presented a coupon for a free coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, and despite the fact the coupon was long expired and not valid in this country, Williams received a free coffee, anyway. The next day, Williams learned he somehow accrued 30,000 frequent flyer miles on a credit card he stopped using five years ago.