The New York Mets will wear a blue alternate uniform in 2012, ditching the black jerseys along with the word “Mets.”

Instead, the Mets will offer fully customizable uniforms in their team store and on The actual players will wear a shirt with the classic “NEW YORK” across the front, but there will be no mention of the word “Mets,” not even in patch form.

Fans will be allowed to choose from a list of over 1000 logos to adorn the front of their newly purchased uniforms for an additional small fee. The decision fell when the results of a recent poll proved Mets fans were embarrassed to be seen in Mets gear.

“New Yorkers are a prideful bunch,” explained designer Anna Levy. “They’ll wear anything with the name of their state or borough, but they just don’t want any part of the ‘Mets’ name at this current time.”

So far New Yorkers seem to be in favor of the new duds, but there are some detractors. Angry WFAN radio callers see this as a marketing ploy and a cash grab for the money-starved Wilpon family.

“Anything for a buck,” remarked unemployed former GM Omar Minaya. “No, seriously, I’ll do anything for a buck. You got a buck?”

The jerseys will go on sale on October 1st of this year. Fifty percent of every sale will go towards the “Keep Jose Reyes” fund. The other fifty percent will go towards the “Take Jason Bay” fund.