With less than a month left in the season and the White Sox continuing to play their way out of contention, VP of marketing Brooks Boyer has come up with a new way to draw fans in for the remainder of the year.

“We’re treating September’s home games as a wake/funeral for the 2011 season,” said Boyer. “The last few seasons have ended in disappointment, and we don’t want our fans to go into the winter without having said their last goodbyes until spring. That’s why we’re having a month long grieving process, to help cope with the heartache fans will experience in the near future, especially in October.”

When asked what changes will be made, Boyer responded, “Instead of having our usual opening video montage that shows the history and excitement of this franchise, we will be having a video of choir boys singing the funeral song ‘On Eagles’ Wings.’”

Boyer also mentioned a variety of other promotions, including:
-The first 10,000 fans will receive orange funeral stickers for their ride home, sponsored by Kleenex
-After Sunday home games, fans can walk the bases with their heads hung low
-All remaining home games will be considered a ‘Blackout Game,’ where fans wear all black in mourning

Brian Farrell