Proud parents Nancy and Steve Maserzenski were celebrating their beautiful baby Michael’s first birthday when something went horribly wrong. When it was time to open gifts, baby Michael was thrilled at most of the presents, until he opened one revealing a tiny beanie sporting the Cubs logo on it. The headwear horrified the baby, and little Michael wailed uncontrollably. It was at the tender age of one that little Michael realized he was doomed for a lifetime of letdown and heartache.

Family Doctor Andrew Dolistein examined Michael days later and explained the behavior.

“Babies at a very young age can sense a traumatic moment in their life,” said Dr. Dolistein. “Little Michael was perceptive enough to understand for his entire life he would be associated with the tragedy of this team.”

Mother Nancy Maserzenski said she has noticed a visible change in her son’s behavior since receiving the gift.

“Every time he crawls by his little bat and ball he just shakes his head and sighs,” said Nancy. “Yesterday he saw Mike Quade on TV and threw Cheerios at him.”

By Andy Landgrebe

Andy Landgrebe