Sportscaster Joe Buck was recently one of the highest trending Twitter subjects, and was therefore validated as inexplicably relevant for a period of time. Sports fans everywhere have been forced to listen to Buck on national television drone through NFL and MLB broadcasts. Following an investigation, however, it seems the world was back in alignment when the trending subject about the broadcaster was entitled #JoeBuckSucks.

Several hundred thousand Twitter accounts followed the trend by chiming in with their favorite explanations as to why #JoeBuckSucks. Many of the accounts pulled off the internet following the trend had conspicuous names attached to them. These were some of the notable postings:

@TheTimMcCarver: #JoeBuckSucks because his voice alone could put a coked up Robin Williams in a coma.
@GOPCurtSchill: My kids sound more excited when they go to the dentist than he does calling the Super Bowl #JoeBuckSucks.

Retired Cubs manager Lou Piniella gave his own two cents on the incident in a recent interview.

“I don’t know who the heck Twitter is,” said Piniella. “But if I am half-popped on Vodka and hear Joe Buck’s voice on TV, I usually do about $2,000 in damage to my living room.”

By Andy Landgrebe

Andy Landgrebe