After Carlos Zambrano ranted to the media that the Chicago Cubs are playing “like a Triple-A team,” Minor League clubs across the nation condemned the statement, saying that most of them were far superior to the maligned Chicago franchise.

“We’re a proud, storied Minor League franchise that has won the Governor’s Cup three times,” said Phil Nevin, manager of the Toledo Mud Hens, a Detroit Tigers affiliate. “To be compared to a Cubs team that doesn’t know how to get out Ryan Theriot only denigrates our fine franchise.”

Lorenzo Bundy, manager of the Philly’s affiliate, the Albuquerque Isotopes, echoed this sentiment.

“Our team got its name from a joke on an episode of The Simpsons,” he said. “But there’s nothing funny about being compared to the 2011 Chicago Cubs.  Say what you will … at least we’re above .500.”

When reached for comment, Zambrano begrudgingly recanted his controversial statement.

“I apologized to Marmol for questioning his pitching, and I have personally called every Triple-A franchise to let them know I was just speaking out of frustration,” said Zambrano. “I did not mean to insult their hardworking, fundamentally sound teams.”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith