Following the Cubs meltdown loss against Cincinnati earlier this week, manager Mike Quade held a profanity-laced press conference in which he vented his anger over his team’s performance and his outburst hasn’t gone over well on the South Side.

‘‘Nothing’s [expletive deleted] easy up here,’’ he said. ‘‘You’ve got a nice 4-0 lead, Z’s cruising and everything’s hunky-dory. I got [expletive deleted] news for you: It ain’t routine till the freaking thing is over.”

Quade’s unusually harsh language reportedly irked his South Side colleague, Ozzie Guillen.

“While I most certainly can empathize with his frustration, I find Mr. Quade’s harangue neither professional nor appropriate,” Guillen told reporters in the Sox clubhouse. “Why must that fellow demean himself and our grand pastime so with his foul, abusive vitriol? Yes, I am distressed. Distressed and perplexed.”

When asked how Quade could better manage his temper, Guillen proffered this suggestion:

“Why, whenever one of my fellows makes a disturbing blunder on the field of play, I simply quaff a bit this delightful Earl Grey tea that dear Mr. Reinsdorf presented me upon my birthday last. It’s decaffeinated, naturally, and with every sip, my evil mood evaporates like the morning dew upon the pitcher’s mound.”

Guillen offered to ship a box of the tea to Quade “post-haste.”

By Cary Nathenson

Cary Nathenson