In an effort to improve the fan experience and hopefully sell more tickets, the White Sox unveiled a BYOB initiative this week allowing fans to bring their own alcohol to home games during 2011. The new rule takes effect starting with Sunday’s game against the Rays. Since the announcement less than 24 hours ago, ticket sales have spiked 500%.

“We haven’t seen sales like this since, well, ever,” said owner Jerry Reinsdorf. “Even after the World Series in 2005, attendance was lower than what we anticipated and people grumbled about beer prices. So now, not only can fans enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere, but they can party their asses off at the same time. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

Players were more than supportive of the new idea.

“If I put in a good five innings of work and throw harder than I ever have before, I’m going to knock back a few beers with my fans because I deserve it,” said Mark Buehrle. “I’m excited because this is going to allow the players to interact with the fans on a more personal level.”

When asked if there were rules governing the new policy, Reinsdorf nodded reluctantly.

“There will be a limit of ten kegs in the park per game per section. No Jell-o shots allowed. If fans pass out and the body isn’t claimed, they will be charged a nightly rate just like a hotel,” said Reinsdorf. “There aren’t too many rules, but these are the musts. Overall, I think this will be a great, new experience for fans all over Chicago.”

By Morgann Spicer

Morgann Spicer