In an attempt to prove he’s healthy enough to begin the season as the fifth starter, Jake Peavy has offered to lift every item in manager Ozzie Guillen’s office over his head.

“That table, I can lift that. That TV, I can lift that,” Peavy shouted. “Even the desk. I bet you I can even lift the desk over my head.”

Without prodding, Peavy began the display of power by grabbing a small file cabinet and awkwardly lifting it over his shoulder.

“Would a guy with a torn lat muscle be able to do this?” he asked.

Guillen, still not convinced, turned to his trademark humor.

“We should get Coop in here,” snickered Guillen, referring to pitching coach Don Cooper. “If Peavy can lift that Porky [expletive deleted] Pig, I’ll let him pitch.”

By Tim Butterly