Jake Peavy was recently diagnosed with shoulder tendonitis, but if Sox fans were worried about the hurler’s shoulder, they’re sure to be downright embarrassed about his latest setback.

It was during his afternoon throwing session that Peavy broke his nail. Don Cooper tried to convince him to go on, but Peavy wasn’t having it.

“He screamed so loud, I thought a little girl had snuck into the complex,” said Cooper. “He just wouldn’t stop whining about his nail. I seriously thought he was going to cry.”

The usually-affable Peavy was so upset that he refused to speak to the media, opting to rush straight to his favorite Tuscon area nail salon, where he finally agreed to give an interview from the comfort of his own salon chair.

“It’s just so frustrating. It’s going to take me at least two weeks to get my nail right again,” said Peavy, as a small Korean woman gently massaged his hands with lavender scented lotion. “You put so much effort into making them look right, and then bam! You lose grip on a curveball and the darn thing snaps. They were just painted, too.”

This latest “injury” has Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen wondering, “What next?”

“This is getting [expletive deleted] ridiculous,” said Guillen. “Yesterday it was his [expletive deleted] shoulder again, today it was his [expletive deleted] nail, and tomorrow he’s gonna come in with a [expletive deleted] paper cut. It never ends with this [expletive deleted].”

By Michael Kloempken

Michael Kloempken