No matter how well the Cubs played during the Tribune era, North Side fan Dale Benson always had a sneaking suspicion the franchise wasn’t making the most of its market potential.

“Sure, higher ticket prices were a good start, but I really want the Cubbies to make a financial killing,” he said. “Good organizations have a common goal from the top down, so I think we’re finally on the same page: let’s milk this cash cow. I’m willing to do my part if you are.”

According to Benson, the team has finally started turning the corner with frugal hires like manager Mike Quade and utility man Augie Ojeda. He also points to the addition of unconventional revenue streams like the Kraft Noodle, the Captain Morgan Club and the proposed festivals outside Wrigley Field this year.

“We play our cards right, and people could be comparing us to the Yankees,” said Benson. “And those guys make a ton of money! World class organization with revenue in the billions.”

When asked if he wanted his beloved Cubs to win a World Series, Benson was less enthusiastic.

“Only if it doesn’t get in the way of the three M’s: Money, Marketing and Mai Tai’s!”

Heckler George