Mark Buehrle, well-known for his love of dogs, recently told’s Scott Merkin that he wished Michael Vick would get hurt while playing football. When pressed about his opinion on a proper punishment for former quarterback Brett Favre, Buehrle seemed indecisive.

“That’s not so cut and dry,” he said. “I’d like to say Favre should be forced to look at text messages of some guy’s junk, but I’m not sure the punishment fits the crime.”

Buehrle was able to extend his “eye for an eye” vengeance to other illegalities in sports.

“I wish Ben Roethlisberger would get dragged into a bathroom stall, somebody would pull a gun on Gilbert Arenas, and Dwight Gooden would have to feel what it’s like to be chopped up and snorted.”

By Tim Butterly