Just in time for the 2011 Cubs Convention, the latest edition of The Heckler is out. Pick it up at the Convention (Booth No. 58 in the NW Hall) or if you’re lucky, find a copy at one of The Heckler’s distribution boxes around town. You can also get it emailed or mailed to you if you pony up a few bucks.

Among the headlines in this edition

  • Soriano contract blamed for global recession
  • Cubs renamed Carloses after Pena acquisition
  • Canadian Craziness: Dempster insists on signing ‘Oh Canada’ in full mountie uniform to start Convention
  • Wood injures arm in Hilton elevator
  • Carlos Silva Kissing Booth fails to draw even one guest
  • Ricketts brothers turn to street performing to raise the $200 million they need to renovate Wrigley
  • Sandberg protests outside Hilton with ‘Patience NOT Experience!’ sign
  • Complete 2011 Cubs Convention Panel Schedule, presented by The Heckler
  • Who Wore it Better? Cornrows on Carlos Zambrano or Alicia Keys
  • It’s Quade’s Turn! New manager gets used to Chicago while Chicago mistakes him for Mr. Clean
  • Electrifying: Dunn fitted with shock collar to keep him from playing first
  • Alomar makes HOF despite two stints with White Sox
  • Oney Guillen Twitter defense: ‘I m not a incompitint dooshbahg’
  • Vince Vaughn: Almost ready to jump on Bears bandwagon
  • Noah turns cast into huge bong

Hope you enjoy!