The 2010-2011 campaign has been a rough one so far for Marty Turco, the Blackhawks goalie and main free agent acquisition coming into this season. Turco, a seven-year starter for the Dallas Stars and former All-Star, was deemed the starting goalie immediately upon his signing, but has seen significantly diminished playing time recently. Corey Crawford, a guy most Hawks fans have no idea started a few games last year, has been the man between the pipes for five of the Hawk’s previous six games.

Tonight, the Blackhawks square up against the Dallas Stars, Turco’s former team. However, coach Quenneville said it will be Crawford, not Turco, who will get the start. Turco has recently reached out to former Hawks goalie Cristobal Huet for advice on how to cope with being benched in favor of a guy that nobody’s ever heard of before.

“Most of you might not know this, but like Marty, I used to be an All-Star, too,” said Huet, who is now playing in a Swiss league. “Until that Niemi guy came out of nowhere and took my job, everything was coming up Cristobal. It was tough getting replaced last year, but when Marty called I had some good advice for him.”

Huet told Turco all he needs to ensure the starting job is a sweet catchphrase that announcers and fans can use each time he makes a save.

“If I had a saying last year, something like ‘Niemi says no,’ I might have kept my job,” said Huet. “Too bad I didn’t think of ‘Huet says no way’ until it was already too late.”

Turco likes the idea, but has struggled coming up with one of his own.

“Unfortunately, all I could think of is ‘Turco lets it go,’ so until I come up with something I guess I’ll be stuck behind Crawford on the depth chart,” said the Hawks goalie. “Fortunately, since I’m a Canadian I’m used to playing second fiddle.”

By Drew Adams