The NBA has become so overrun by tattoos that at least one player’s child was recently born with a tattoo sleeve on its right arm.

Born last week, Celtics forward Marquis Daniels’ son Marquis, Jr., has an ornate tattoo running from his elbow to shoulder, reading “Playa” along the top.

“I’m not sure how Junior got that tattoo,” said Daniels. “But I’m not complaining. It’s a cool design and now he only needs about 50 more tattoos to have as many as his old man.”

Dr. Ross Drumm, Daniels’ pediatrician, said he’s never seen anything like Junior’s tattoo sleeve, but thinks the senior Daniels has so many tattoos that his genes have been altered and the tattoo trait was passed to his son.

“It could have been worse,” Drumm said. “I’m just glad the baby wasn’t born with the tattoo Daniels has on his forearm of a man blowing his brains out.”