The Vikings’ disappointing season took another surprising turn Monday when they cut all-time leading receiver Randy Moss just four games into his second stint with the team and a month after he was traded from the Patriots. Now Chicagoans are itching for Bears GM Jerry Angelo to sign the moody, aging superstar who was dismissed from the Vikings in part for showing a lack of heart and not completing his routes during key drives.

“Randy Moss is just what the Bears need,” said Bears fan Charles Eversole of Burr Ridge. “They already have a stable of guys who can’t run a good route to save their lives. A seven-time Pro Bowler who routinely gives up on routes and hates everyone meets would be a perfect fit.”

Local sports radio hosts also joined the chorus.

“Look, if you’re Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith, you gotta go out and get Moss,” said The Score’s Terry Boers, with an inexplicit cowbell sound effect going off in the background. “Plus, if Moss fails miserably on the Bears, it’ll give me a whole week’s worth of material to use when ripping on this hapless organization.”

After hearing of the random speculation that Moss could wind up on the Bears, his prospective teammates expressed excitement.

“I’ve only been in a league a couple years, so I have a lot to learn,” said receiver Johnny Knox. “To have Moss here might enable me to become the terrible-route running perennial All-Pro I’ve always dreamed of being.”