When Jay Cutler returns to the field Sunday he’ll be using a rare 20-step drop he hopes will enable him to last the entire game without getting his brains bashed in.

“Mike Martz’s system revolves around timing and he has challenged me to create that extra time,” said Cutler. “After studying the playbook and evaluating our offensive line, the 20-step drop appears to be our best chance for success.”

Cutler added that he plans to work quite a bit out of the shotgun. However, his new drop-back distance will force out longtime center Olin Kreutz for long snapper Patrick Mannelly. More complex wide receiver routes will also be added to the mix. While experts predict these moves will result in a passing average between three and 15 yards per play, head coach Lovie Smith was quick to endorse his crew.

“Jay is our quarterback and Mike is our coordinator,” said Smith, blandly. “Their deep drops, zig-zag patterns and lateral movements will eventually lead to something good.”

From The Heckler’s Sept/Oct 2010 issue by Brian Berns. Click here to subscribe!