The already-depleted Blackhawks now need to replace defenseman Nick Boynton who was cut today for reportedly dating a female Comcast SportsNet reporter.

“No question we’ll miss Nick,” said coach Joel Quenneville. “But if there’s one thing we don’t stand for on this team, it’s inappropriate relationships with women. That’s against the pro athlete code.”

Quenneville said he hoped Boynton would find work elsewhere, but gaining a spot on another NHL club might be tough.

“The National Hockey League has a long and storied tradition of treating women with integrity,” said Quenneville. “Perhaps Nick can find a spot on a minor league club somewhere and get back on a big league team after proving to the powers that be that he knows how to properly respect a woman.”

Quenneville also said Boynton’s delay of game penalty that cost the Blackhawks the game Wednesday night against Nashville had nothing to do with the decision.

“Oh, no, that had nothing to do with us cutting Nick,” said Quenneville. “I’ve learned to tolerate bone-headed mistakes on the ice. But questionable decisions off the ice? No chance.”