Sox fan Delvin Tucker got the birthday gift of a lifetime when his wife Destiny surprised him with new spinners for his Camaro. The spinners, which resemble the multi-colored pinwheels on the U.S. Cellular Field scoreboard, were paid for by a combination of food stamps, a broken down Go-Kart, and a rusting yield sign.

“That Destiny sure knows how to barter,” said Delvin. “I would have been happy with a new air-brushed T-shirt. I dig the spinners so much I may get some on my ATV.”

The Tuckers have been die-hard White Sox fans since their mutual uncle introduced them to baseball at a young age. The spinners are the new favorite piece of their White Sox fandom, eclipsing Destiny’s bedazzled “Go Sox” jean shorts and Paulie, the family’s pet ferret.

“My new rims are going to get more spins than my Larry the Cable Guy CD,” said Delvin.

Adding to the car’s ambiance is the backfiring exhaust that simulates the scoreboard’s smoke and explosions. Additionally, Delvin plans to drag the muffler while driving to wow fellow motorists with a spark show.

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