Adding yet another chapter to their exciting crosstown series legacy, the winner of the Crosstown Cup between the Cubs and White Sox will be awarded fifth place in the American League West. Should the Cubs take home the coveted cup, fifth place in the AL West could be an improvement over their likely sixth place finish in the National League Central.

“We realized we set the bar too high at the beginning of the season,” said Cubs centerfielder Marlon Byrd. “We were thinking division championship and World Series, but that was before we ran into the buzz-saw known as the Pittsburgh Pirates. Taking home fifth place in the AL West would sure show them!”

The AL West, historically known for tight division races between a cluster of perennial losers, would benefit from a large-market Chicago team in the division, albeit another perennial loser.

“AL West teams usually finish with poor records and a dissatisfied fan base,” said MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. “Fans will be encouraged knowing their team finished higher than a large-market Chicago team with infinite resources.”

Fans of AL West clubs were disappointed to learn their teams would not be playing additional games against the Cubs or White Sox, missing out on sure chances to pad win totals.

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