After watching his team win their first Stanley Cup in nearly 50 years, Blackhawks fan Bill Umberg was so inspired by Chicago’s rock anthem he decided to shell out 99 cents and purchase it on iTunes. It was a move he soon regretted.

Released in 2006 by the Fratellis, “Chelsea Dagger” is played by the Blackhawks after all goals at home and by the fans to celebrate the team’s wins. Normally the chorus is simply looped with no other vocals played. Umberg learned the hard way that the rest of the song wasn’t nearly as catchy.

“It just goes on and talking about stealing and sisters and sucking sleeves,” said Umberg. “And that’s just the crap I can understand.”

Umberg said he felt duped after making the purchase.

“This is like when I was a kid and bought Young M.C.’s first album because I figured every song would be as good as ‘Bust a Move,'” said Umberg. “Well, the rest of the album pretty much sucked, just like the rest of this stupid song.”

Despite his distaste for the song, Umberg said he planned to edit it on his computer to simply loop the chorus so he could play it at parties for the next few months before growing completely tired of it until the Hawks season resumes in the fall.