White Sox GM Kenny Williams lead the most popular SoxFest panel discussion this weekend, called “Winning with 4 Mediocre Outfielders.” Williams was joined by Chicago slow-pitch softball legend Jimmy “Tall Boy” Palonoski and Tommy Lasorda, who won the 1988 World Series with a starting outfield of Mike Marshall, John Shelby and Mickey Hatcher.

Lasorda was quick to defer to Williams when asked about the session.

“Winning the World Series with those three is nothing compared to what Kenny is doing this year,” said Lasorda. “Heck, their outfielders a decade past their prime, and I’m using the term ‘prime’ loosely.”

Williams declined to provide details about the session, claiming he “didn’t want to give away any secrets prior to SoxFest, but there’s a lot we can learn from Tall Boy’s slow-pitch softball leagues.”

Manager Ozzie Guillen requested the panel.

“I’m very confident in our outfielders,” said Guillen. “I was just asking for a friend who has one injury-prone player, one who can’t hit for power or get on base, another that can’t hit at all and a fourth guy who has 45 percent body fat. My friend is really struggling to fill out his lineup card.”

From the January 2010 issue by Giles Tellum