Gordon Beckham was called up to The Show last night, thrilling Sox Nation (not the Sox Nation ESPN is always talking about — the other one that still drives IROCs). A highly touted prospect and collegiate star, Gordon Beckham may best be known as the younger, considerably less hip, brother of metrosexual David Beckham.

While living in the shadow of the world’s most Googled man may lead some siblings to anger, Gordon seems to have accepted his lot in life.

“David has Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham), and I date Sporty Spice’s sister,” Beckham said in his first press conference as a major leaguer. “David is the most sought-after spokesman in the world, and I have a local ad for Danley’s Garages in the works.”

Manager Ozzie Guillen, a huge soccer fan since his youth in Venezuela, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick on the new addition to the roster.

“Maybe instead of ‘Bend it Like Beckham,’ we could make a movie called ‘Hit .220 like [expletive deleted] Beckham.”

By Tim Butterly