The Heckler has found out the cause behind Celtics star Kevin Garnett’s missing Boston’s upcoming playoff series with the Bulls, and possibly the entire postseason: A Gillooly job from Bulls bench-warmer Linton Johnson.

The little-used forward out of Tulane told The Heckler he secretly snuck into the Celtics locker room Wednesday, and “Pulled a Gillooly KG’s knee,” referencing the infamous attack on the knee of skating star Nancy Kerrigan by Jeff Gillooly — a goon hired by fellow skater Tonya Harding.

“I got him real good,” Johnson said of the attack. “He was crying ‘Why me? Why me?’ like a little skater [expletive deleted].”

The Bulls could not confirm the report, but head coach Vinny Del Negro said he was pleased to see the his 12th man finally contribute to the team.

“I told Linton all year to wait his turn, and then the time comes, he would be able to do something productive for us,” Del Negro said. “Looks like that time has finally come.”

By Matthew Wood, intrepid reporter