The Blackhawks spent the weekend donating four points to two charitable organizations: one team clawing to make the playoffs and one trying to impress for roster spots next year.

Sunday’s match up brought the Islanders: a team ranked 30th in the league in points whose young goalie was starting his first game. The Islanders won 4-2. Insert your own jokes here.

The Hawks still have three games against Columbus, who beat them 5-3 Friday. Asked if they might study tape of the game, defenseman Cam Barker responded, “We don’t have any more electrical equipment we haven’t smashed over the past week. So we’re mostly gonna study our bruises to figure out where we can hit ’em next.”

Bandwagon fans, too, are dumbfounded, as to why else the Hawks would suddenly go from blowing teams out, to giving up goals fast and often. This leaves little time for Toews, Kane and Havlat to make highlight reels for their many commercials.

To be fair, leading scorer Patrick Sharp is still injured and nearly acquired Sammy Pahlsson has yet to play. To be unfair, even the Bulls won a game with only seven men earlier this year and Brian “Moneybags” Campbell looks as if he’s experienced a recent lobotomy.

Not all is bad. Kris Versteeg is making attempts to put the team on his shoulders (even if he weighs only 160 lbs.), and defenseman Brent Seabrook has begun hitting people like he means it. So we know who the sore losers are.

And we hope it’s contagious.

Number of the game: 4

The Blackhawks were called for four penalties in the second period Sunday. Bandwagon fans know killing power plays is exciting and all, but hey, so is scoring.

Up next for the Blackhawks:

The team can get back on track on the road when they play New Jersey Tuesday.


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