A lackluster effort by the Blackhawks led to a 1-0 shutout against the Columbus Blue Jackets Thursday night.

The Hawks limp into the All-Star break 23-23-4 and riding a two-game losing streak. And rumor has it that head coach Denis Savard laid into his players after last night’s loss.

“It was ‘F-this’ and ‘F-that,'” one Hawks player said. “Coach was screaming his head off. Poor [Patrick] Kane was crying. It was an ugly scene.”

“I stated things simply to them,” Savard said. “I told them that in order to be a successful hockey team, every player must find it in themselves to lift the team to new levels. It’s every person’s duty as a member of this organization to do everything in their power to help get a win. That’s what I said. Only with a lot more ‘F bombs.'”

Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith is playing in his first NHL All-Star game this Sunday. He’s happy about it but also disappointed because he had to cancel his plans to see There Will Be Blood that day.

Number of the Night: 0

No goals??? It was a sad night for a team that’s looking more and more like the teams of previous years.