“Seven games,” said head coach Denis Savard referring to the current Blackhawks losing streak. “Seven mother-effing games. If this keeps going I’m gonna have to fire myself.”

The excitement for the Hawks is starting to die down. And with good reason. Last night’s 3-1 loss to the Dallas Stars puts them below .500 and added to the losing streak. They remain in 13th place in the Western Conference and will need to put a solid winning streak together to begin the long climb out of the cellar. Considering the early positive buzz about the team it would be a huge disappointment to fans if they missed the playoffs.

“We know how important it is to right this ship,” said center Robert Lang. “We’re not putting the puck in the net and we’re losing. Well, I’m putting the puck in the net. But no one else is. I can’t do it all. Well, for more money I probably could.”


Two nuns were in attendance last night but even their prayers couldn’t help.

“Hey we tried,” one nun told reporters as they left the United Center. “But no one was listening. I’m pretty sure Jesus is more of football fan really.”

Number of the Night: 7

Put it up on the big board: Seven losses in a row.

By Kevin Rosenquis