Wireless provider U.S. Cellular has experienced technical problems with its sponsorship of the White Sox ballpark this week, periodically dropping the sponsorship for durations of up to three seconds.

“Our marketing department is trying to remedy the situation,” said spokesperson Amy Farva. “One minute we’re title sponsor of the ballpark, and next thing you know, our logo is gone. And then there it is again. Unfortunately, we can’t pay any money when our branding isn’t visible.”

Farva apologized for the “spotty coverage,” but White Sox GM Kenny Williams is outraged.

“How am I supposed to manage a payroll?” asked Williams. “I feel like I’m watching a stock ticker–did we make money between 2:25 and 2:30? Can we still afford that haircut for Joe Crede even though we lost 17 seconds of sponsorship income last Thursday?”

White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf is considering paying the opt-out cost of the U.S. Cellular contract at the end of the 2007 season.

“I’ve heard some wonderful things about Sprint’s ‘Fair and Flexible’ stadium sponsorship plan,” he said.

heckler editorial staff