A mere 20 days ago, the New York Knicks were a half game away from the eighth spot in the playoff race in the East. Since that time, they lost nine of 11 and fell to seven games behind the eighth spot to finish fourth from the basement in the East.

Wow. So that was an epic collapse, wasn’t it?

Now that the dust has settled on a delightfully crappy Knicks finish, Bulls fans are left hoping for a miracle when NBA commissioner David Stern pulls out the Knicks number first in the Draft Lottery.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: You’re wondering why you should be pleased about the prospect of the Knicks getting a high draft pick. Don’t worry, I hear you barking big dog. And help is on the way.

In simplest terms, a clause in the Bulls trade of Eddy Curry to the Knicks stated that the Bulls would be able to trade picks with the Knicks in the 2007 draft if they so desired. And with a Knicks finish comparable to that of the 2005 Cubs, the Bulls have a much better chance of drawing a higher draft pick.

When asked how he felt about the poor finish to the season, Knicks coach and well-known social buffoon, Isaiah Thomas was his usual out-of-touch-with-reality self.

“It’s no big deal,” Thomas said. “With any luck, we’ll draw the top draft seed in the lottery and come back strong next year with Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.”

Thomas was quickly reminded of the trade clause, to which is only response was “[expletive deleted].”

Curry, on the other hand, was more forthcoming with his feelings about the prospects of yet another abysmal season next year.

“Man,” Curry said. “I [expletive deleted] hate this place.”

Keep your fingers crossed, Bulls fans. With any luck, the Knicks will draw a top seed in the draft lottery, allowing general manager John Paxson to go out and get more players from Duke or Kansas.

heckler editorial staff