Bears defensive tackle and Cook County inmate Tank Johnson’s Tuesday night in his jail cell was a restless one after hearing the news of fellow troubled NFL players, Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry, were slapped with harsh suspensions for the upcoming 2007 season.

Tuesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended the Tennessee Titans’ Jones for the entire season and Cincinnati Bengals’ Henry for eight games for their off the field shenanigans. The stern suspensions have left Johnson wondering what Goodell has in store for him.

Johnson said the thought of a suspension and losing out on game checks has made it tough for him to eat the jail’s Tuesday night dinner of cornbread and meatloaf.

“In the last few months I’ve been arrested, my bodyguard was murdered, we lost the Super Bowl and I was sentenced to four months in jail.” said Johnson. “I can’t imagine what’s next.”

Johnson will meet with Goodell and find out his fate after he is released from jail this summer.

heckler editorial staff