After a scoring frenzy in their last game Saturday, the Blackhawks returned to form Tuesday night getting run out of the building 7-1. Martin Lapointe scored the lone Hawk goal at the end of the third period to at least make sure they weren’t shut out in extremely embarrassing fashion.

Former Blackhawk Mark Bell had the game winner for the San Jose Sharks.

“I do feel for them,” Bell said referring to the Blackhawks. “I was with that organization for a long time. But the players can look at me and have hope. I’m proof that there is always a chance you can get traded to a competitive team that actually wants to win. That’s all they can hope for.”

Shark forward Bill Guerin had a hat trick in the game but downplayed the feat.

“It would feel good to get a hatty against a team like Nashville,” the veteran said. “But against the Blackhawks? I don’t know. Seems like a blind chimp with vertigo could get a hat trick against this team.”

Number of the Night: 17
Times Sharks Goalie Evgeni Nabakov fell asleep briefly due to lack of action on his end of the ice.

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