Last night the Bulls went into Miami standing tall, having won three games in a row and feeling confident they could repeat their opening-night historic win against the Heat and notch their fourth win in a row.

Instead, the Bulls left Miami after a 103-70 drubbing, feeling like a kid who pooped the bed at a sleepover with friends: shamed, embarrassed, demoralized and just plain gross.

Any excitement and confidence the Bulls created with their three-game winning streak was quickly erased, and coach Scott Skiles said the loss was the beginning of the end for the Bulls.

“We looked [expletive deleted] terrible,” Skiles said. “But don’t look for us to get any better. They didn’t even have [Dwyane] Wade out there and we still let them shoot 55 percent from the field.”

The game was all Heat and for Bulls fans, it was extremely boring and frustrating. There was, however, a tense moment during the game when Alonzo Mourning almost beat the crap out of Tyrus Thomas. But in the end they kissed and made up instead. Boo.

The Bulls had no highlights whatsoever.

Number of the night: 8
Assists Shaq tallied up, which was a career-high for him. Apparently the good ol’ “give and go” still works like a charm (at least, against the Bulls it does).

heckler editorial staff