After Thursday’s latest loss, Blackhawks head coach Denis Savard looked annoyed as reporters bombarded him with questions about his thought on the Cubs and Sox chances this season.

“Look, it’s hard to say,” The Hawk’s leader said. “Both have good clubs. I like the Cubs chances but their pitching is suspect. Hell, I know less about baseball than I do about hockey so you don’t even want my opinion.”

The Blackhawks lost to the San Jose Sharks 2-0 Thursday. The team is falling quickly and another wasted season is almost over. Even with Martin Havlat as one of the top 10 players in the league, the team still looks pathetic as ever.

“What a nightmare,” Havlat said after the game last night. “I knew I should have signed with team with decent management. I was blinded by the smoking hot Blackhawks Ice Crew.”

When a hockey team from Tennessee has 31 more points than one from Chicago, something is wrong. The old men at the helm have ruined a once-storied franchise. What this city needs is another team.

Hey Penguins, want to come to Chicago?


heckler editorial staff